Wednesday, August 25, 2010

EDLD 5363 Week1 PhotoStory video

I found PhotoStory surprisingly easy to use. I've been using Adobe Premiere to create, edit, and narrate video and this was a breeze. The free software being offered now is user-friendly. I'm glad that I'm fairly familiar with most of the steps in building this photo video, but was happy that narrating with a microphone was so smooth. I like the way that the video doesn't move to the next photo until the narration is finished. I just hope none of these steps I used to create this video are blocked by the content filter at my school. I'm glad we only needed photos for this project because I've got plenty of those. I used TeacherTube to upload my video and found it very easy. I can't post my video URL just yet. Apparently TeacherTube must "ok" every video before publishing them. The site indicated that it should be online within 24 hours. (My video has been "oked" and the URL is: Click here

I did find that I couldn't use my script as written because the video would have been way too long. It's just a little over 3 minutes with the ad-libbing that I did. I edited my video to reduce the time to just under 3 minutes per the assignment directions and re-submitted it to The ease of editing my original project was astounding after the hoops I have had to jump through to edit Premiere videos. I can't wait to start a PhotoStory unit with my students.

I began collecting the materials that I need to teach a 2 week unit on PhotoStory. My only problem is that I can't get Windows Media Player 10 loaded on my student computers. I get an error that states that 10 isn't compatible with my version of XP... apparently I need some updates or a service pack. I called the IT guy today to come help me get it loaded tomorrow. I'm excited about starting the unit.