Sunday, October 9, 2011

EDLD 5370 Week 1 Part 1.6 TF/TL Standard II Reflection

The chapter in our text covering Standard II begins by presenting a technology implementation framework to the reader. After studying this framework, I believe that 17 months ago I was at the Exploration level both in my own classroom and with the assistance I was giving my faculty. I knew at that time that online tools existed and used them in a peripheral manner rather than as an integral part of my teaching. The collaborative project that we created in EDLD 5364 Teaching with Technology led my group and me to research many ways to seamlessly integrate technology into teaching and learning. I have since begun following several RSS feeds and subscribed to several magazines aimed at helping teachers use technology in their classrooms. My team and I enjoyed creating our lesson with each of us dividing up the special populations of students we were given and we also learned a great deal from each other’s expertise.
Now that I’m at the end of this program, I feel that I am advancing through the Infusion level and becoming more adept with the mechanical integration level. I still have a long way to go to reach the routine integration level, but I know that my students are benefitting by my new knowledge. I can provide a high quality of support to the teachers in my district and have several of the veteran teachers asking me to provide more short professional development opportunities for them to attend. One colleague told me that she’s astounded at how much free, open-source software is available for educators today. However, not all of my staff feels this way and Williamson & Redish mention this in the text. “Asking teachers to integrate technology into their instructional designs invariably adds new layers of complexity to the planning process. Teachers may know how to operate technology (TF/TL Standard I), but they are not sure how to implement technology in the classroom to support student learning.” (Williamson & Redish, 2009) This is the very skill that I plan to improve in the future in order to help my teachers produce 21st century learners.
I’ve begun formulating a vision that includes conventional instruction transforming into reformed instruction with more student=directed explorative learning that is interactive and collaborative. I am inexplicably excited to be receiving my master’s in educational technology with a leadership component that will allow me to take the principal certification exam. I can see the knowledge that I’ve gained melding into a great administrative vision even if I don’t become a principal. According to Standard II and its competencies, I have designed and implemented activities (including designing learning opportunities, applying current research on learning environments and evaluating technology resources) that will reach farther than just an assignment to submit to Dr. Abernathy.
Williamson, O., & Redish, T. (2009). Iste's technology facilitation and leadership standards, what every k
12 leader should know and be able to do. Intl Society for Technology in Educ. Retrieved from

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