Sunday, October 9, 2011

EDLD 5370 Week 2 Web Conference

Tonight’s web conference started a little late due to Dr. A’s late flight. She conducted it in the hotel lobby with no video. She discussed apa and gave us some links to a few videos showing how to format. She also gave her phone number and told us to call anytime and she would call us back between 6am and 10 pm. She mentioned that Dawn would grade the papers tonight and get them back to us so we can correct them as we go.
We were reminded that the discussion board in this course would be strictly for information exchange and peer review. Resources and course overviews would be placed on the discussion board so we would have the most current copies of everything easily accessible.
We understood that there would be 2 grades for this course with the comprehensive exam being worth 400 and the eportfolio being worth 600.
Several people brought up principal certification issues and we were instructed by a few people who had already talked with Drs. Cortez-Rucker and Jenkins. The LCE, ILD and principal exam were all required to get the principal certification.
Someone raised the TK20 question for the millionth time and we were AGAIN told that we have to put documents in it.
Dr. A. discussed how the exam should build on itself with each week being another piece of the pie and that we should make the eportfolio uniquely ours.
She also reiterated that the reflections need to show that we’ve built our knowledge and understanding by tying the activities together and showing how they are connected.

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