Friday, October 7, 2011

EDLD 5370 Week 1 Web conference

We discussed which items belonged in the comprehensive exam and which one were to be in the eportfolio and several people indicated that Tuesdays are best for them to meet for web conferences.
Dr. A stressed taht the Vita will go in the comprehensive exam after the reference page on a page called Appendix. Also, she the reflections over the previous courses were to tell what we were thinking about the standards back when we took the courses and how we think and feel about them now. We weren't to just rewrite what we did back them. We need to prove to TEA that we covered and understand the standards.
We talked about how some students redo their wikis during this course to make them more attractive to others and some even put music or videos on their wikis.
Dr. A mentioned that she would place a new syllabus on the discussion board with the correct coarse number on it.
Several people were very excited about graduation and asked Dr. A were it would be and she explained where and when and that it was a nice ceremony held in one of the nice new facilities.
There was also a lengthy dicussion about Dr. Jenkins and the LCE going online.

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