Sunday, October 23, 2011

EDLD 5370 Week 3 Web Conference

This morning’s web conference began with Dr. A finally getting the web cam working. We discussed several people’s children and a 6th grade band contest that one person was attending. There were two students that discussed with Dr. A about finishing 5370 and still having to take the Digital Graphics course and how much they appreciated Dr. A letting them do the courses in this order.
Dr. A explained to us how the Ed Admin and Ed Tech master’s programs were combining soon and I offered both regret that Ed Tech is losing its own identity and also my content with how it will probably be good that new principals learn more tech in order to become better 21st century leaders.
Dr. A explained again how the reflections, course embedded activities and the field activities are supposed to work together and how TEA must be able to see that each person offered up as a master’s recipient actually does know the standards.

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