Sunday, October 30, 2011

EDLD 5370 Week 4 Web Conference 10/29/2011

Dr. A told us that we needed 10 citations in all for our comp exam and not 3 per course reflection. She mentioned that she would check to see if they were formatted correctly and that the citations in the paper matched up with the reference page so to be careful with it. Michelle asked about the reflection standards on the course embedded assignments and Dr. A told her that she would check her papers for her.
Sharron asked that Week 5 be opened early so we could begin working in it if we were done with Week 4 and Dr. A indicated that she would change the date in the gradebook so it would open. Dr. A also mentioned that there were several people in our class that had not been keeping up and hadn’t turned in any work. She asked that we get in touch with them and encourage them to not quit.
One student expressed concern that the people who had kept up to date on all the work were at a disadvantage because the handbook switched on us midstream and now some of the work we had done wasn’t fitting the new standards.
Raye asked if it was still possible to walk during graduation if the deadline had been missed and Dr. A assured her that she could walk, but her name wouldn’t be In the program. Dr. A went on to explain the events of the day and Lynne promptly threw Sharron and I RIGHT UNDER THE BUS by telling Dr. A that we weren’t walking at graduation. Sharron told everyone that we would sit in the audience and yell for them! ;-)
Dr. A told us that the registrar’s office, among others, say that the Ed Tech Leadership people have the highest grades and cause less problems than any other bunch that comes through there. She also told us that she believes that that is because we participate in more web conferences and interact more with each other than other groups do. Sharron and Lynne both commented on how close of friends that we have become in our Skype group and encouraged Lamar to urge all groups to form groups for support.

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